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A blurred reality where whimsy and imagination orchestrate a dreamlike symphony. Objects and the environment come alive in my quirky and sensorial universe.

Welcome to Wonderland

Allison Crank (M.Des) is a designer and filmmaker interested in exploring how design participates in the establishment and recognition of embodied knowledge and creates forms for live, visceral and direct experiences in a media saturated world.

She received a Bachelors degree from Wellesley College (magna cum laude) in 2011 and her Masters degree (cum laude) in Contextual Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015. Currently, she is working as a research assistant at the EPFL+ECAL lab in Switzerland.

Allison works at the intersection of technology, media and architecture. Her work ranges from illustrations, animations, virtual reality and spatial design. Concept development, research and future-oriented thinking are key elements in her design process.

For commissions and enquiries, please contact info@allisoncrank.com

Want to Know More?

Art Direction

I’ve garnered experience in designing and building for both online and print media. I have developed my own personal approach to testing different solutions that has led me to design in various media.

Virtual Reality

Curating experiences that blur and play with reality. All experiences are real regardless if their stimuli are physical or virtual.

Concept Development

We love to play with worlds, bring magic, performance and illusion to our world.