Fluxes in the National Organism

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Project Details

Client: Dutch National Railways

Date: June 1, 2014


The main forces to guarantee and maintain biodiversity are movements (migrations), reproduction and exchanges. These driving forces can be found on a small scale in the human body (blood circulation, mitosis, digestion, etc.) and, on a bigger scale, within the NS train system itself.
Comparing these two scales, we overlapped the biological explanation of the function of the nervous system with footage of a miniature model train made by a train lover in his spare time, representing a part of the NS railway system in an idyllic and ideal way. Like the blood and nerve impulses for the human body, the people who travel by train are the nutrients and the stimuli flowing through the Netherlands. Thank to the NS train system, people can spread knowledge and work forces to stimulate the economy in order to keep the Dutch organism functioning and alive. With this short documentary, we aim to inform and make the NS company aware of the impulses and impact it has on the national fluxes and biodiversity itself on a bigger scale, to suggest new moves beyond the economic and money-driven decisions of its management. A Film by: Allison Crank, Giada Ganassin and Baptiste Picq Special Thanks to: Kick and Janny Ridderbos