The Reality Theatre: A Virtual Reality Experience with the Oculus Rift

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In the future, shopping will be an entirely virtual system. The Reality Theatre transforms the transaction process into performances, items are entirely virtual until they are purchased. In this way, the reality theatre redefines the logic of shopping. Here, consumers of the Ludic Century want to see themselves in their purchases and want to have a say in their objects; so they in turn become designers. Designers no longer create consumables they think people want, but are facilitators and directors, providing consumers with an interactive AI for the dialogue in an object’s creation. Designers sell their knowledge, expertise and taste, using the virtual platform as a stage for anyone to create a personalised reality.

I designed an experience that allows you to visit this virtual world in the form of a VR play: a narrative that gives life to this fiction and lets one see how the Reality Theatre works. I use VR here as an interactive tool to transport you to my world. This play focuses on the new logic of shopping and the role of the designer and consumer. You assume the role of Ms. Smith, who is shopping for a chair in the Reality Theatre, from the moment she enters, to her interactions with the designer, who in this case is an Irish giraffe, to when she leaves. I leave it up to the viewer to immerse themselves in the virtual stage and performance.

Project Details

Date: June 15, 2015

The VR experience was created in collaboration with Van Tol Game Development